Lenovo G570 43349KU Review

For anyone who has never used or heard of Lenovo, this is a Chinese computer manufacturer that exceeds the standards regarding business ThinkPads. The Lenovo G570 43349KU does not fall into this category, it being a great consumer laptop than can please a large variety of users, if you’re looking for the alternate category then see the asus k501ux-wh74 review.

This particular model is very durable, with a classic black exterior design and brushed-metallic look which gives it a modern element. Both the keyboard and the touch pad are highly reliable and can be used for everything from gaming (of course a mouse is recommended) to office “chores “. The 15.6 inch display offers everything that can be expected from a modern laptop, with high resolution and a Blue-Ray drive. Regarding the built-in speakers, they pack a lot of volume, but the quality of even the best laptop speakers will never satisfy the more pretentious audiophiles.

Another important feature that makes this laptop ideal for businessman is the long battery life. With up to 250 minutes of unplugged usage, the Lenovo G570 43349KU has great specifications for its price range, and most importantly, for a model that is not designed as a business laptop, but as an overall achiever.

Even if the first impression might be that this is a budget laptop, actually, it has a great balance between value and quality. With its 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5-2450M processor and 4 GB Ram, it can easily stand up to the more expensive Acer or HP laptops and its 500 GB Hard Drive (at 5400 rpm0 is as much as you can expect (or ever need) at this price range.
Other specifications include: Windows 7 installed as a default operating system, a VGA video port and 4 USB 2 ports (that really make a difference for anyone who uses a lot USB powered devices) that are more that what a regular Toshiba Satellite has to offer.

To conclude, the Lenovo G570 43349KU is an affordable notebook that exceeds its price tag. It delivers very good performance for everyday tasks (mostly due to the state of the art Intel processor), a lot of hard disk space to store plenty of music, photos or movies and a long lasting battery. Even if the developer is not as well known as other IT manufacturers, the Lenovo G570 43349KU is one of the most balanced products available on the market today, and will perform satisfactory no matter what your needs as a computer user are.

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