Family Bios Who We Are

We. Love. Texas.


Blake is one of the founders of Longhorn Family, along with his older brother, Trent, and is in charge of most content production, website design, and marketing, despite what his co-founder may be disillusioned into believing. He is currently a senior at the University of Texas, and has been loyally following all Texas sports since the day he could think. Blake enjoys following most sports, and is currently 1st in his fantasy football league. He has a 1.86 K/D ratio in the most recent COD and can slay zombies with the best of them.


Trent is the CEO and co-founder of the Longhorn Family blog. He is a writer, vlogger, blogger, music producer, video producer, digital marketer and all-around genius. He reads, breathes, and watches everything Texas Football. The greatest moment of his life was when Vince Young strutted into the corner of the end zone on 4th and 5 against USC in the 2005 National Title Game.

Mama Madden (Michelle)

Mama Madden the Eternal Optimist when it comes to the Longhorn Football Program, Refused to get Direct TV because it did not have the Longhorn Network, Claim to fame is being the Mother of the founders of the Longhorn Family Blog, (responsible for their creativity and sense of humor),

Doting wife to Clete, Adoptive Mother to Boo Madden who we rescued from the streets, Graduate of UT

Dad (Clete)

Everyones All-American.

Dad, or Clete, is an astute businessman who graduated from the University of Texas. His two sons, Trent and Blake, have followed in his footsteps in being avid Texas football fans and yelling at refs during any sporting events. He enjoys golfing, counting 4 foot putts as gimmes, and X-raying himself.

Some of the Longhorn Familys fathers favorite quotes include:

You gotta dance with who ya brung.

Theres only 2 sports in Texas: Football, and spring football.


Cousin Chris

here to start Born and raised on the streets, been listening to the grimiest rap, funkiest funk, and classic-est classic rock since the beginning. Been playing the beautiful game since I could remember and still doing so. Favorite grandchild on both sides of my family has its benefits and drawbacks. My mom says Im pretty handsome so Ive got that got that going for me. Currently getting my degree from Dunkin On U. (Watch Rick and Morty if you liked this bio)

(Cousin Chris currently attends Trinity University and plays soccer for the school. He is considering transferring to the University of Texas and should do so soon.)

Uncle Dean

Uncle Dean is the father of Cousin Chris and wife to Aunt Maura. Uncle Dean likewise graduated from the University of Texas, where he was roommates with Dad/Clete.

Uncle Tim

BA General Business, UT-Austin; MBA UH-Clear Lake

5’11”, 180, gray hair, well hung. Father of Wyatt, husband to Monica.

(The cynical Texas sports fan youll ever encounter.)


Ammaw is the beloved grandma of the Longhorn Family. Her name originates from Trents inability to speak properly as a child. They thought he was slow, but thankfully he grew out of it. Anyway, Ammaw attended the University of Texas way back in the day, is a stout Republican, and avidly watches all Dallas and Texas sporting events. She may be old, but never underestimate this woman.

Cousin Wyatt

Cousin Wyatt is the son of Uncle Tim and is currently attending the University of Texas.

Aunt Monica

Aunt Monica is the wife of Uncle Tim.